The search for the black and white diamonds of the earth is no easy task. Find out a little on how our friends do it.

First of all, there’s the man, Maestro. Everyone knows him only as Maestro and all of his 34 (yes, that’s right, he has thirty-four) truffle-hunting dogs; Mario, Leo, David, Anna-Belle and Diciassette, just to name a few.

It is worth mentioning a few words about Diciassette as he is by far the best truffle hunter Maestro has ever had the pleasure to work with. He not only finds the best quality but more often he is the one that finds the jokers – the massive gems that you need two hands to hold. But if you ever get to meet Diciassette, you would learn that he is a humble boy with an easy-going and laid-back persona. Perhaps he knows he is the elite hunter of Mother Earth’s diamonds, but he is not a show-off. On par with his entirely unpretentious name, which means seventeen in Italian, only so because he was born the middle one of the pack, Diciassette and his siblings on Maestro’s team are not in this for the fame. Maestro and his four-legged friends are just naturals with a knack for finding the best truffles, and we are unconditionally grateful for their gift.

The Maestro himself is the undisputed truffle king of any forest in Europe, as he knows all the best places by heart. He is also the king amongst our friends, as he has set all the standards and set them extraordinarily high. This party of friends can be out for days and days searching for the best truffles, and between them in the forest, they form a very unique bond.

“He not only finds
the best quality but
more often he is the
one that finds the
“super-jokers”- the
massive gems that
you need two hands
to hold.”

Rather than the classic master/dog relationship, they all work together, even Diciassette. They enjoy each other’s company and work hard, but they also relax and have fun together. Pretty much like…well, friends.
In late spring and summer, they go for the lighter summer truffle, which is perfect for fresh and energetic summer dishes. Come early fall; they go hunting for autumn truffles and come into mid-fall, they go for the most distinguished of them all — the mighty white truffle. White truffles and the black winter truffles express themselves just like great symphonies, high crescendos or massive arias: they simply create fantastic food experiences!

“Pretty much like… well,

Maestro and his friends find a lot of truffles, but they only collect the best. So, what do they do with the rest?
They leave them for the boars, the bears, and the other local connoisseurs to feast on. The land of the forest is no place for greed. Back at the truffle farm, sometimes after days of being out in the wild, hunting, collecting and together enjoying the wilderness for days, Maestro and a few of our friends begin the selection of the destiny of each specific truffle. There are the ones that are sufficiently large to be sold as fresh. These are from 15 grams and greater and sometimes they can be enormous, up to several kilos for one piece.

“The land of the forest is no
place for greed.”

Others will go for extraction, maceration and infusion with exquisite olive oil to make the perfect Mother Earth signature blend organic white truffle oil. Some truffles will contribute to the rich and sweet organic belo wild honey and others to be freshly shaved, soaked in and dried out together with the perfect sea salt to make black truffle sea snow, organic tartufata Donna Mara, the white truffle risotto, velvety crème and truffle flour amongst just a few of our products.

The fresh truffles are instantly packed into special cool storage that guarantees ideal temperatures for freight travel and then sent by air to secure the most immediate delivery. With this procedure in place, we can deliver worldwide within 12-48 hours, so you can always be sure that you will have your truffles nearly as fresh as if you picked them yourself.