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A brief history

So how did we come up with the idea and the products for truffle & our friends?
The roots of our brand began generations ago and well this story, just like any other tale of ancient recipes, has a long and grand narrative.

The scene is set back in Italy, during the late 18th century, when Francesco Tartufitorio Constingio in Alba, Piemonte, brought his new puppy out on to his farmland to train him to hunt rabbits for the first time. His puppy, Chiccoli, was unlike any other puppy. Chiccoli was not at all interested in rabbits, nor any other of Signores dogs, in fact, not any animal at all; Chiccolo was strictly interested in sniffing around in the soil that he then marked profoundly at spots where clearly no rabbit was to be found.

Signore Tartufitorio Constingio thought that he had been deceived by the man that sold him Chiccolo and should take him back to the breeder for a refund, or at least a new dog.

“What use will we
ever have of this
stupid dog!”

Signore kicked furiously over and over again hard into the ground where Chiccoli made a mark and shouted out his disappointment and anger. “What use will we ever have of this stupid dog?!” 

Suddenly, Signore discovered a small white “lump” looking like nothing he had ever seen before. Signore had only heard rumours about a smelly mushroom that rich and famous people from Milan, Rome, France, England and Russia would come to Alba and purchase for a lot of money. This day, Signore Tartufitorio Constingio and Chiccoli had found the famous white truffle, and after this day, they would be recognised as one of the most renowned truffle hunting pairs in history.

“During these times, in
particular, food waste was a
tragedy, so they had to
invent a solution.”

Signore Tartufitorio Constingio and Chiccoli found so many truffles that they did not know what to do with them all. As they were more often than not out in the woods hunting than at the market to sell their findings, many truffles, unfortunately, went unsavoured. During these times, in particular, food waste was a tragedy, so they were driven to devise a solution.

Signore Tartufitorio Constingios had a loving wife who was the matriarch of the family, Signora Donna Mara. All of the pair’s findings were rinsed and stored by Signora, but the surplus was overwhelming! Signora had so many truffles at home that she couldn’t bear to merely sit around any longer and wait for a buyer – or even worse, for the truffles to go to waste!

Signora Donna Mara is the original creator of the white truffle oil recipe that lives on in our Mother Earth signature blend organic white truffle oil today. Signora´s many other artisan techniques are furthermore incorporated into all of our other truffle & our friends products. It turned out that her white truffle oil gained even more fame than her husband’s fresh truffles, as she had four times as many white truffles of the highest quality in her oil compared to any f her competitors. Her legacy lives on as this is exactly as we make it today. We forage an abundance of truffles of the highest quality and refine them in only the most exquisite olive oil, precisely according to Signora´s traditional techniques, procedures and recipes. Signora Donna Mara’s customers loved her truffle oil, and today, this is why our customers love ours. And so, will you.

Signora Donna Mara gave birth to four children, Frederico, Ana, Giovanni, and Donatella all of whom went into the family business. Chiccoli also passed down his remarkable gift to six large litters of puppies, several of which specifically inherited his incredible nose for finding truffles. The legacy continues today as their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren moved out and established themselves throughout Europe, but all have remained, in one way or another, in the heart of the original family business.

When you travel or move to new countries, you will make new friends. New friends are always welcome, and so what we have today is the privilege of inheriting the recipes from the legacy of Francesco and Donna Mara,  as well as their secret maps pinpointing the best truffle forests throughout Europe. And this is all because we are friends with the distant relatives of Francesco and Donna Mara. And they know truffles – truffle & our friends.

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