”& our friends story.”

The story’s root is when my husband and I began our relationship. At the very beginning, we were fortunate to travel extensively, both on leisure and business travels. As foodies, we have always visited any place with food, all from supermarkets to farms, wherever we have travelled.

There was a considerable absence of natural, organic, and entirely plant-based alternatives within fine food and delicacies almost everywhere. However, when we found these artisanal products, they were always very local and often unfortunately in a relatively traditional, even outdated design.
And then and in total contradiction to the above, we also found cool looking products with a very sleek design, but with the disappointment of highly industrial content, with no trace of any natural flavours at a super-premium price point.

For many years, this lingered in my mind until one day. Yet, on another trip, we met a few people who only used plant-based produce and natural flavours, particularly truffle flavour, in the most delicious delicacies.

A bit more time went down the road, and our beautiful son arrived. Having him in our lives made me think of what planet are we passing on, and the idea of natural and plant-based delicacies became even more real.
We had already created some products, with a few that needed preparation somehow. Still, as newly introduced to parenthood, I didn’t find the right time to cook that much, especially as a new mom. But, after a while longer down the road, it made me conclude that convenience is essential. Natural and plant-based ready-to-eat products, to add a few drops, having a delicious snack or adding some slices or sauce made it all come together. Easy to use, easy to love.

At this time, we lived in Copenhagen, and we could always find a wide selection of organic, natural, plant-based, vegan, and free from when we were shopping our daily groceries – but not the same kind of selections on the delicacies shelf. And if you would be lucky to find them, they were highly conventional and quite streamlined.

So finally, I decided that that couldn’t just be right, and it had to be changed. You may even say disrupt as there were several behaviours to be changed.
I returned to the many farmers and producers we met on our travels that had become our friends and sourced our ingredients. They introduced us to their friends, and we met even more natural and plant-based producers, or new friends, as we say!
And we engaged our friends that are chefs or working with food in some way to be part of the creation. And then we added even more friends to taste and try and asked for their honest opinion.

So there it was, my husband and I and our friends. And the creation of my brand & our friends was born. And now, here we are, taking on the world with our natural, plant-based delicacies and snacks, full of flavours and hope.