A fine food producer that challenges your senses.
Produce that stays true to your soul, handmade with love, shared amongst friends and honouring Mother Earth.

We believe that you eat with all of your senses. Hence, we have made it our mission to bring you exceptionally delicious and natural fine foods in a contemporary design. Originating in
Scandinavia, amidst friends who source the world for the sublime. And the magnificent. As well as exceptional.

We have a continuous, uncompromising commitment to genuine food, compelling design and art. Our respect for traditions and craftsmanship lies upon a philosophy of staying true to land and sea.

Our artisan food is freshly prepared in small batches, entirely made from natural ingredients. Without artifice. No use of preservatives. No industrial processing.

Our concept is to create 100% natural add-ons designed to complete any meal. Goodness, that is as good for you as for Mother Earth. Easy to use, easy to love. Simply add truffle & our friends.

Our consumers are virtually everyone as we have a range of products that suits lots of diet choices. Many are are vegan and dairy-free. Many are gluten-free, some KETO-friendly, low in carbs and others functional. In addition to the beneficial properties and exciting flavours, they also have a beautiful design that suits many dinner tables, kitchens and as gifts.

Our categories and segments are from premium groceries to lifestyle/design and natural & healthy. Highly versatile shelf placements with products that fit into numerous surging categories such as seasonings, flavourings and condiments, and plant-based/vegan, meeting the rapidly increasing consumer demand.

🇸🇪 We are part of

Invest in Skåne, the official regional business promotion agency for Sweden’s southernmost region Skåne.
– Selected member of Food Innovation Network of Skåne and Blekinge, a project to drive and bring Foodtech solutions to the world.
Try Swedish is the branding platform used by Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Invest Council, in order to support Swedish companies in the food and beverage sector to grow global sales.  Lina