black truffle sea snow 6% black truffle & HAVSNØ™ sea salt flakes

truffle & our friends™ black truffle sea snow is a genuinely handcrafted Norwegian flake salt, layered with hand-picked natural black truffle. Entirely handmade, free from preservatives and additives. Pure, delicate flakes with a soft salt-
iness and crunchy, yet crisp texture, perfectly married with the warm, earthy and full-bodied taste from the black truffle. A sublime blend for everything from breakfast eggs to popcorn, pan-fried shellfish, grilled meat, fish, veggies or virtually anything you ever can imagine.



Origin & Production

To produce a truffle salt that we could be proud of, it was imperative to find an exceptional salt. It may sound quite obvious, but there are several parameters to take into consideration, as well as a preferred style for your end product. On the top of our wish list, we knew that the right kind of salt would be soft, crisp and clean and that it could harmonise with the warm fragrance of black truffle, into a unified product, as opposed to two elements competing for the leading role. With a lot of testing from various geographical areas, different qualities and even more styles and varieties, we are so very fortunate to have the possibility to cooperate with North Sea Salt Works and their outstanding HAVSNØ™. It was love at first taste.


HAVSNØ™, means ‘snow of the sea’ in Norwegian, and it is the name given to the most beautiful hand-harvested sea salt flakes. HAVSNØ is made from pure, clean and cold sea water sourced from Saltsteinsleia a sea passage that comes in from the open Norwegian Sea.

HAVSNØ are crunchy and delicate sea salt flakes with a taste that reflects the Norwegian Sea and nature. HAVSNØ is a 100% pure and natural product with no additives and a strong salt taste without bitterness. As the main element to the production, seawater from Saltsteinsleia is pumped into the factory and subsequently freezed in the sub-zero warehouse. The fresher water freezes first and the ice that it forms is discarded, leaving a stronger salt content in the brine that remains. Seawater holds a salinity of maximum 3,5%, while the brine out of the freezer holds about 12%. This brine is cooked long and slow at low temperatures to obtain the perfect finishing salt with large beautiful crystals that are an ideal medium density. To the great privilege of working with this kind of unique product comes the great responsibility of precision and careful consideration.

Our production takes several steps, and in the first, ahead of receiving the salt, we dehydrate the black truffles in two phases, with different temperatures and time. The barrel is sealed and gently rotated, quite similar to a washing machine that regularly turns around very slowly. This process gently mingles our two stars. Once thoroughly combined, the barrel is yet again opened, and several small bundles of fresh truffles are placed deep into the salt, and we let it sit for a couple of weeks. At the last stage, we remove the bundles, and when decanting it, we add another layer of dehydrated slices of black truffles. A pungent deep musky and earthy black truffle are the first scents that hit your nose, followed by a tiny bit of fried garlic and damp forest soil. In the mouth, you instantly feel the mineral content of the cold and clean seawater that makes HAVSNØ crystalline white flakes flat and soft with a light crunchy feeling.

The salt has a concentrated salty, yet clean taste without bitterness arising from the naturally occurring trace minerals. The unique qualities of North Sea Salt Works HAVSNØ derive from the raw materials – the pure seawater and the artisan method of crystallizing, hand harvesting, rinsing and drying the salt. Once you fall through the saltiness and minerals, you discover the build-up of the earthy full-bodied black truffle marrying into the ideal balance of two of Mother Earth’s most significant elements, the land and the sea.

Pairs with

Steaks, fish, poultry, veggies, risotto, pasta, pizza, accompanying bread and/or cheeses, baking and desserts, or virtually anything you ever can imagine.


Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose-free, Nut Free.


HAVSNØ™ Sea Salt Flakes, black truffle, organic natural white truffle aroma. Produced in small batches. Taste, aroma and flavour can vary from season to season.

Shelf life & Nutrial

Shelf life: 12 months

Opened: Use within 6 months. Always make sure that the lid is securely fastened as this preserves the longevity of the delicate truffle

glass fully recyclable when detached from label and lid (recycle as plastic).

Nutritional values per 100 g
energy 130kj/31kcal
fat 1.7g – of which saturated 0.3g
carbohydrates 5.9g – of which sugar 0g
protein 10g