belo wild honey wildflower honey & white truffle

truffle & our friends™ wild honey belo, your invitation to a luxurious daily treat. Beautiful wildflower honey crafted by hand at a high mountain altitude in a delicate blend with a quality selection of white truffles.


Origin & Production

Our honey is obtained from the lime tree also called linden, from the species Tilia. The lime tree honey is a premium honey that has been enjoyed for thousands of years. At the height of blossoming in a lime tree grove, the ambrosial aroma of the tiny yellow-white flowers envelop you and draws bees from miles around. These trees grow upon Fruška Gora mountain, which is a natural geological phenomenon as for the rock composition of its strata originate from almost all geological periods and was formerly an island during the existence of the Pannonian Sea. To the north, the mountain is bordered by the Danube river, while to the south, it descends into the Syrmian lowlands. Fruška Gora is approximately 80 km east to west and is 15 km north to south with the highest peak at 539 m. At the mountain, there are many quality vineyards producing wine, such as the famous Bermet, a sweet wine protected by geographical indication. Our honey is crafted by hand in small annual productions ranging between 500 and 1200 kg depending on the climate’s seasonal variations. The hives are all kept in proximity to old lime tree groves, and the honey is harvested traditionally by hand, removing frames one-by-one cutting out honeycombs manually. This method yields the incredibly sweet, raw and organic honey liquid-gold produced from the concentrated nectar of the flowers. This honey is unheated, unpasteurized and, unprocessed, garnering this our beautiful final product. Before we blend it, the honey is stored in 10-litre amber glass jars in root cellars that secure low temperature and protects from UV-radiation. When the honey is ready to be delicately infused, Maestro finds the most suitable white truffle (Tuber magnatum pico). Within 6 hours from its forage, this prized truffle is thoroughly rinsed, freshly shaved straight into the honey and then very cautiously blended before it is bottled and shipped.


Lime tree honey is highly sought-after honey. The taste and intensity of its aroma are stronger than the colour would indicate: when very fresh, it has a greenish hue, but after some time, it becomes clear to amber with a yellow tone. As solid honey, the texture is soft and elegant with low acidity, medium sweetness and sometimes a light bitterness. It has a unique aroma: woody, medicinal and fresh, also described as minty, balsamic and camphorous. When combining all the unparalleled flavours of the white truffle, it creates a genuinely unique honey, impossible to describe by words, nearly only to be savoured in silence.

Pairs with

Glaze chicken or a roast. Lovely on toast, cheese & charcuteries. Drizzle on yoghurt or mascarpone. Heavenly over ice cream and desserts, or why not just drizzle over your lemon curd sandwich as a luxurious daily treat.


Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Kosher (KLBD), Nut Free. Infants under 18 months should not eat honey.


Wildflower honey, white truffle (Tuber magnatum pico). Produced in small batches. Taste, aroma and flavour can vary from season to season.

Shelf life & Nutrial

Shelf life: 18 months .

Opened: use within 10 days. Store dark and cool, well protected from direct sunlight and hot surfaces.

glass fully recycable when detached from label and lid (recycle as metal).

Nutritional values per 100 g
energy 1283kj/306kcal
fat 0g
carbohydrates 75.1g – of which sugar 75.1g
protein 0.38g
salt 0.1g