Tuber aestivum Summer truffle Harvest season May-August

Tuber aestivum, more often called the black summer truffle, is the most common and utilised of all truffles. If mature, it is moderately pungent, offering a fairly intense aroma with hints of vanilla and hazel. It is superb freshly zested over typical summer dishes like grilled vegetables, fish, light meat and chicken. The black summer truffle also shines in low-temperature sauces, when making salami, crème or oils, or dehydrate them and mix with various spices and salt.



You will find Tuber aestivum in variations between light and dark colour brown with clearly defined pyramidal warts that have a brown colour. The inside displays white marbling veins on an off-white cream to a hazel brown surface. Tuber aestivum offers a pleasant and delicate flavour with straightforward notes of earthiness, hazelnuts, chocolate, and vanilla.


It is essential that you clean a truffle only a few minutes before it´s put to use. Rinse it under a thin stream of cold water and use a small brush for the more stubborn parts. If light soil is found in its captivities and your brush does not fit, carve out what remains utilising just the edge of a knife.

Serving/Pairs with

Tuber aestivum should only be zested as fresh, unlike its relatives that may also be sliced or shaved. Zest it over whatever you have from the grill, vegetables, veal or chicken, fish or beef, with some quality oil as a final touch. Or use it in any of your homemade sauces, crèmes, oils or spice mixes, either fresh or dehydrated.

Shelf life

7 days


A truffle should always be savoured as fresh as possible. Nevertheless, you can keep it for a few days after it has been foraged, by storing it correctly. Let the soil remain around the truffle when you store it to help sustain its freshness. Wrap them individually in paper or an airy fabric and change this wrapping at least once a day. Store them in your fridge in a container that is not airtight – the truffle needs to breathe. Please have in mind that many dairy products including eggs (and your kid’s chocolate milk) will absorb the truffle aroma, in which you may choose to store the truffles rather in a wine cabinet (at the cooler part) than in your regular fridge. Well, only if you do not like to have the pleasant aromas of truffles in your other products.