Tuber magnatum pico Harvest season September-December
From 15g and up to several kilos

The white truffle.
The king of truffles. The emperor’s true diamonds. Food for gods. Tuber magnatum pico is described with many superlatives, as it should. These gems, the most precious of truffles, are exclusively found in very particular places in Europe. All of us at truffle & our friends™ proudly ensure careful foraging and efficient handling and proudly deliver the highest of quality truffles to you, including jokers and super jokers.



White to very lightyellow flesh. A smooth surface with colours that range from ochre to light yellow and even grey with black tones. There are so many delicate fragrances and flavours in a Tuber magnatum pico, so it is nearly impossible to describe them all. You will find earthy, woody tones and scents of mild garlic and shallots to name a few.


It is essential that you clean a truffle only a few minutes before it is put to use. Rinse it under a thin stream of cold water and use a small brush for the more stubborn parts. If light soil is found in its captivities and your brush does not fit, carve out what remains utilising just the edge of a knife.

Serving/Pairs with

Do we have an idea as to what it does not pair with? It is incredibly versatile and pairs well with everything. The Tuber magnatum pico is only to be served raw, in thin slices or finely grated directly on to your finished dishes. Before the addition, please let your dish rest until its temperature has slightly cooled as intense heat may decrease the delicate aromas.

Shelf life

7-10 days


A truffle should always be savoured as fresh as possible. Nevertheless, you can keep it for a few days after it has been foraged, by storing it correctly. Let the soil remain around the truffle when you store it to help maintain its freshness. Wrap them individually in paper or an airy fabric and change this wrapping at least once a day. Store them in your fridge in a container that is not airtight – the truffle needs to breathe. Please have in mind that many dairy products including eggs (and your kid’s chocolate milk) will absorb the truffle aroma, in which you may choose to store the truffles rather in a wine cabinet (at the cooler part) than in your regular fridge. Well, only if you do not like to have the pleasant aromas of truffles in your other products.

If you store them for a few days, it is critical to monitor their maturity continually. With the slightest sign that the truffle is softening, it is highly encouraged to consume it immediately, for its maturity is deteriorating rapidly and these gems of the Earth should never go to waste.