white truffle crème velvety truffle cream

truffle & our friends™ white truffle crème is a velvety, deliciously creamy heaven. The perfect companion to any cheese or tapas platters. The prized ingredient in creamy pasta sauces or decadent pies. An indulgent dipping sauce for crackers, bread and fresh vegetables. This artisanal blend will delightfully enhance any culinary experience.


Origin & Production

Akin to the tartufata, there are many creamy truffle products on the market that combine white truffle in cream and also, commonly, parmesan cheese. This blend is believed to be a product of Italian origin, more precisely to the Umbria region. However, there are many variations of this product found outside of this district where the mighty white truffle is also hunted.

Our recipe originates from western Serbia, and more precisely from the Mačva region, close to the town of Šabac. Surrounded by the rich truffle beds of Cer mountain, Šabac is where the crisp, clean air and the ancient forests on the banks of the Sava river cultivate some of the world’s most exquisite white truffles.

Our velvety white truffle crème is distinguishable for its wholly organic origins and the unique and savoury character of it´s milk base. Firstly, truffle & our friends™ white truffle crème is a truly natural product. We take great pride in the organic sourcing of almost all of our ingredients. Secondly, our blend is crafted in part by both milk from cow and goat, goat cheese, which creates its strong and distinctive flavour.

Shepherded on Cer mountain where they climb up and down daily, these goats live freely and regularly feast on the wild-grown highland grass. Goat milk contains high levels of medium chained fatty acids that are thought to provide boosts in energy and also good cholesterol that is considered to have healing properties similar to olive oil.

The taste of the goat milk is subtle and has a distinct freshness to it that springs from high altitude breeding. For this crème, we use both the fresh goat milk and a piece of goat cheese in the mix, which is handcrafted in the traditional fashion of the Mačva region. Another essential ingredient is our cow milk. The dairy comes from freely grass-fed cows also from the Mačva region that provides us with organic cream and butter. The cream is high in fat and of exceptional quality. The butter is unsalted and produced according to the slow food method, which means that the cream and the lactic acid culture are left to stand for 24 hours at a temperature of about 20°C enabling full acidity. This preparation provides excellent butter acid and additional aromatic flavours. The production is also a slow food method. The cream is slowly pressurised at low temperatures to preserve the delicate flavours from the white truffles and also gives the cream its velvety texture. To stabilise, we use organic lecithin (from soybeans) and to correlate the acid, we add organic citric acid.

We use both Tuber magnatum pico and Tuber borchii and employ different techniques to obtain each of their unique characteristics. To further accentuate the truffle, we add whole organic shallots to simmer in the mix, which are later removed before sterilisation. In our final step of production, we freshly grate a last set of truffles to soak into the final blend before final strained. We perfect the crème by adding a small amount of our own Mother Earth signature blend organic white truffle oil.


The crème preserves all the unique flavours from the white truffle and accentuates it´s delicate and softer tones. The velvety texture enhances the full experience, with the clear round and fatty notes of the cream, together with the more distinctness of the goat cheese, that balance it in a more acidic way and enriches a natural saltiness.

Pairs with

This crème can be enjoyed directly from the jar as it is. Let it be the perfect pairing to cheese platters or vegetables. Use it as a spread for more refined hors ’d oeuvres or fill croustades or top blinis for a sophisticated cocktail snack. For creamy sauces that can complement anything from poached fish to veal tenderloin, steamed veggies or any kind of pasta and risottos, add it during the last stage before serving and let it gently dilute and melt into your sauce base, whether it is cream, béchamel or a broth.


Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose-free, Nut Free.


Cream (cow), milk (goat), goat milk cheese (milk, salt, rennet), white truffles (Tuber magnatum pico, Tuber borchii), butter (cultured cream from cow milk), HAVSNØ salt, shallot, natural truffle flavour ,organic white truffle oil.

Produced in small batches. Taste, aroma and flavour can vary from season to season.

Shelf life & Nutrial

Shelf life: 12 months. Store dark and cool, well protected from direct sunlight and hot surfaces.

Opened: Once opened cover with olive oil and stored refrigerated + 2 ° C – + 6 °C, to be consumed within 5 days.

The glass fully recyclable, please detach the lid and recycle as metal.

Nutritional values per 100 g
fat 18.3g – of which saturated 2.5g
carbohydrates 2g – of which sugar 0.9g
energy 774kj/185kcal
protein 1.9g
salt 2.3g

This product only contains info regarding the specific batch due to the fact that it is an artisanal organic product and variations in batches may occur due to seasonal changes.