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Raw, true, natural.


We take great pride in treating the land as good as it entertains us. After all, Mother Nature is the greatest of all friends we have and ever will have. That’s why natural, organic and artisanal comes high up on our priority list.
So, with the best truffles in place, we can put together some fabulous truffle products for you to use in your kitchen, cooking, baking and at the dinner table.

Truffles, just like olives, strawberries and chanterelles, are seasonal. As a consequence, we have a product that is to some extent limited. Exclusive, even. We always make small batches, and we provide every single canister of every single batch with a batch number before shipping.

“Truffles, just like
olives, strawberries
and chanterelles,
are seasonal.”

We love to re-use

We have chosen glass canisters that are recyclable for truffle & our friends collection and a glass bottle for our delicate Mother Earth signature blend organic white truffle oil. This bottle is made from tinted, highly UV protective glass that preserves the bioenergy and secures the long-lasting quality of truffle & our friends Mother Earth signature blend organic white truffle oil. Those aspects were the most important attributes for us when we chose to this glass bottle. As a bonus, we believe the bottle as such to be an outstanding piece of design, beautiful and elegant enough to grace any dinner table or serve as a most appreciated gift to anyone you consider to be – a friend.

All of a sudden you’ve emptied your first bottle of truffle & our friend´s Mother Earth signature blend organic white truffle oil and you’re on your way to order a new bottle to indulge yourself and your friends. We want to share some tips on how you re-use this beautiful bottle at home. Start by peeling the label off — it usually gets off in one piece. Please dispose of it with your burnable waste. Then wash your bottle gently with some washing-up liquid to get rid of any glue residue. You can also recycle the pourer as plastic at your local recycling park.

& your table

These beautiful bottles will grace any dinner table. Put your favourite delicate flowers in them them, just a single stem or little leaves in them. If you have the bottles in different sizes (100ml and 200 ml) it will make an even more decorative on your table.

& your home

Put scented sticks in your bottles. They create a beautiful feature in your interior — find your favourite scent for an elegant and unique atmosphere.

“Put delicate flowers of a
single stem or little
leaves in them.”

Do you have any ideas of your own on how to recycle? Care to share it with & our friends? Please email us friends@andourfriends.com, and we´ll share.

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The hunting, collecting and the wilderness
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So how did we actually come up with the idea
and the collection of truffle & our friends?